HELP - nothing is working like before

I have been sick the last couple of years fighting for my life with failing liver - paying the whole time but not using -
finally got transplant start writing again need to work out a melody and HT no longer works

I load some songs I wrote and it plays one bar
I try to add 3 notes and it stops after 2 quarter notes
what the heck - this was such a good tool and now

it is a REAL “tool” - - - is there something I need to do

Hey, I have replied to your message also over email. Can you try seeing if this happens in Chrome? My guess this is an older browser issue (old version of Explorer)


Hey Dave, Thanks for getting back to me.
I started using Chrome and was able to make HookPad and logic pro x transfer midi back and forth. Thanks
Is there a specific training video about transferring midi from HookPad and then back into it using different DAW?

…Keeps crashing when I try to record:frowning_face: