Help figuring out unusual chords?

Hello guys! First of all thank you for you time, I really appreciate the opportunity to share the passion for music, and get some support in growing…
I’m learning the guitar, and there’s this Tiago Iorc song (Morena) which I can’t seem to play. First because some of the chords are very unusual, like D4/Bb and C#m6/E. I found out a layout in the web, but it doesn’t sound good in the music.

This is the tab

Can you give me some hints on how to be more flexible in finding the chords, using the scale… like using different ones, that sound better? I only have basic music theory notions…

Thank you so much, a hug from Portugal :slight_smile:

Hi Witorcasconcelos,

I can help you out with this. I’m figuring out how to help people work out these types of songs.

Could you send me a private message asking exactly what you would like help with and I can send you what I think the proper chords are for this song?


Hey man, thanks a lot, i really appreciate it! :slight_smile: i tried to send you a private msg but cant find the option in your profile, can i send you by email?


Sure; my email is