Help- do we go by sheet music or the youtube performance

Ok, so some of my songs get edited by another user, so now they’re more accurate to the you-tube video I grabbed, but I got the official sheet music of the songs. These are old church songs, so people take lots of creative liberties while performing them. Are we more interested in the original sheet music, or in the stylised performances, or should I just try harder to find more accurate youtube videos. (In my defense, the problem is it seems like the same type of people who upload these youtube videos are the same types of people who have the musical know-how to take lots of creative liberties with the music.)

Go by the YouTube video, e.g. if the YouTube video has the song in F major then make the tab in F major instead of the key in the sheet music that’s in G major for example. Or if you want it to be G major then find one in G major. And if you can’t then you’re basically forced to set it to F

Hi @Jewels_Verne,

This is a great question and something that is not really discussed in the Contributor Guide. @Vaz123 has the correct sentiment here. The goal is to analyze the music in the YouTube video.