Help adding a chord out of scale


I tried my best to figure this song out using this software and I believe what is going on is the second chord during the solo part is playing out a dflatminor11th chord.

Is there anyway I can adjust this track to hear what it sounds like with that?

Second chord here is listed as dmaj6, should be changed if it is possible.

Hey @aylictal, to me it sounds like a Db minor chord (I don’t explicitly hear the 11, but you could be right). In any case, in Bb minor, that would just be a iii chord (with minor quality) which you can get by adding a III chord and borrowing from the Locrian mode.

I went ahead and edited the analysis on the wiki page, where I changed a couple of chords and notes (really enjoyed this chord progression with all the parallel minor chords). Let me know what you think

Hey @Ryan-

I saw you borrowed from another mode and that works with Locrian to swap the III to an I.

Thanks for the help!

Come to think of it, that arpeggio in that 2nd chord is actually just a straight Emaj (add9) chord (you can see it if you select Fflat9). So the chord being used there would be a Emaj9/Dflat (bass).

A question I have is that Dflatminor11 as shown now doesn’t include the B or Gb notes. Why is that?

D♭m7 is sufficient to identify the chord; the G♭ note is a passing tone that does not constitute to the harmony of the chord, but if the F♭, G♭, and A♭ notes are all suspending in the background, then D♭m7/11 (not D♭m11 because no ninth is present) will do, and the most accurate voicing one could get in Hookpad would be G♭7sus4/D♭.

Hi @HertzDevil

How do you make a Gb7sus4/Db chord?

When I try to suspend and inverted chord, the chord converts to the base chord. In other words, If I am starting with a Gb7/Db chord, and I use the radio button to sus4 the chord, it changes the chord to Gbsus4.


Save a local copy of this Theorytab, and then copy the chords in it to other Theorytabs within Hookpad as necessary.