Hate Speech Spam Songs

There are spam songs here with the offensive word for black people in the title. Can we take them down?

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they are not spam songs as they are a real song. A mod in another post you said (said) that songs with inappropriate titles are still allowed on the site.

This is a different scenario. These aren’t just songs with inappropriate words in the title, they’re actively promoting hate by using a racial slur. There’s no value in posting them to this site, and they should absolutely be removed.

Ok, I removed those songs.

To make it absolutely clear, we don’t allow racism on our website.
@trli : The inappropriate title you’re referring to included the word “penis”. There is a huge difference between racism and a body part half of humanity owns.

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Ah, now I understand. Can you also delete this tab? This is just “turkey in the straw” with a racist title. The creator of the tab seems to be deleted.

Yes, no problem. I deleted it.