Harmony pan is not saved

The harmony instruments pan effect disappears when the project cursor goes back to the beginning and I don’t know why.
The graphical pan cursor remains on one side but the audible effect disappears and remains in the center.
I hope I explain myself well and my apologies for the translation.

there’s a panning control?

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holy moly! something i did not know! cheers!

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Yes, but it doesn’t work for me since it doesn’t work well or there is something I don’t know how to do.
You’ll tell me when you have some time and try it.

i would assume this is a per-band setting, so if band 1 in section 1 (for example) had the pan centered), and band 2 had if 50% left, then rewinding to start could be the cause…

in this example i’m panning the lead piano, harmony piano, and tambourine across 2 sections & 2 bands

and it seems to be working

Maybe there is a way to save?

So it saves the panorama for you even if you rewind?
I don’t understand.

yes, one i have it set in the band, which you need to be in to get to the panel, it is saved and rewinding to band 1 has those settings, and select band 2 has the other settings. if you only have one band throughout, and it keeps resetting, then there is likely some other issue. i’m not seeing it in 2.30.3 on W11 w/ MS Edge

I can’t find the way.
It is not saved in any case, neither with a single band nor with several. When I rewind, although the pan cursor is still on the side I left it, but the sound is heard centered again.
I will continue experimenting, or see if any developer answers.
Although it will almost certainly be my mistake in the end.
I’m on Google Chrome, I’ll try another browser.

If I click on the cursor and move it a millimeter, sometimes the panorama works and other times it doesn’t.
Is it a graphics problem?

I have tried with Edge and although it does not work either, I have been able to specify something else and that is that when I rewind and the sound is centered, I only have to touch and move the pan cursor a millimeter so that it can be heard again on the side that I had configured, although when rewind the same thing happens again.
Sorry, I don’t mean to reiterate this to bother you, fossile, I’m just pointing it out in case it helps some developer find the problem.

yeah, i created a new one with no bands, and the lead retains the panning but the stereo harmony does not, and sliding the panner makes the change, but resets. so it feels like a bug. in re-reviewing the one w/ 2 bands - same issue.

@DSchwachhofer you might look into this - not sure if all stereo harmony instruments have the same issue. “EXAMPLE PANNING 2” by fossile - Made With Hookpad.

Indeed and it only happens with the pan cursor.
And curiously it doesn’t happen with the lead track.

Thanks for your observations and bringing this to my attention!
I was able to fix it today, so panning should work properly after the next update again.

In Hookpad, all lead instruments are using special release samples for reverb. There are also some harmony and bass instruments which have release samples. I accidently set up the panning control in the node where the main and the release samples are mixed together, so only instruments which are using more than one set of samples had a properly working panner. All others were updating the panning during playback but once playback stops, all nodes are redone and so there the panning was not setup correctly. Thanks again!


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OK, at the moment it still doesn’t work, let’s wait for the next update.
Thank you.