Half my song is missing

I just logged on and half of my song is missing. It’s not possible to recover from auto-backup, too late. Is there any way to recover the rest of the song?

I’m really sad about this, hope someone can help.

@reckoner91, have you checked all of the auto-backups to see if one of them caught your song? These are saved every 30 seconds, so they should have a pretty complete history of the last things that you’ve done.

Yes, I tried, but I was too late. Is there any other way?

sorry about this, but if the song was not saved in your library and wasn’t auto saved then we probably don’t have record of it anywhere

It was saved in my library, and it was autosaved. This was on day three of working on it - I opened hookpad and found the song, and I started listening to it. Then I edited the intro. It wasn’t until fifteen minutes later that I listened to the entire song, and noticed that half the song was missing, and it was then too late to recover from auto backup.

I’m very sorry this happened to you. Is it possible that you might have accidentally selected part of the song and deleted it without noticing, such as by pressing backspace? I’ve done it before after selecting part of a song to copy.

No matter what happened, I sympathize with you and hope you can recreate your missing work without too much hassle. Best of luck.

Yes, I’m afraid it is possible. Guess I’ll have to be extra careful in the future.
Thank you! I’ll give it a try.

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@reckoner91 I’m sorry about this, I know what it feels like to lose creative work, and it’s awful. If your song was saved correctly for an extended period of time, then it’s possible that it might be in one of our database backups. If you send the name of the song and a date that it was saved correctly to support@hooktheory.com, we can take a look. I should warn that this is a longshot though, so don’t want to get your hopes up