Guitars missing in new mix options

Hey guys, I love the new update! But I think something vital is missing, guitars. Give us some electric and acoustic guitar options for the mix! Guitar in some form or another is in like every pop song ever made pretty much.

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Guitars are high on our priority list. They are a bit more complex to get right (strumming/picking patterns etc.) Look for them in a future update though.



I am sure it will worth the wait and I am looking forward to it’s release. How about an option to click directly on the guitar fret board in step recording mode? Maybe an option for a rhythm guitar track with customizable strumming and picking patterns? Just thinking :slight_smile:

Wind-TumbleWeed-DistantChurchBell. 8 or 9 months “a high priority”?

Any updates on this (possibly for Hookpad 2.0)? It’d be great to be able to have guitar in rhythm or lead, and possibly even if we could create strumming patterns.