Glitch: Invisible Bars of Music in Hookpad Project

Hey everyone,

I’m having a problem with a hookpad project of mine. Namely, the final 8 bars of the project are invisible, including the input area for the lyrics, the input area for chords, and the + and - buttons to add more bars. Yet these bars still contain previously inputted notes. When the project is played through, those notes play and will become visible while the tracking bar moves over them before disappearing again.

My question is, what gives? I’ve tried opening the project on different browsers, so I think the bug has to do with the hookpad site/project itself. I would just delete the 8 bars at the end and reenter the notes by hand, but I cannot find the button to delete the bars. I have also considered reentering the entire song in another hookpad project, but this would be a tedious prospect, as the copy/paste function for notes does not seem to work between projects.

Any help would be much appreciated!

To remove lines, see [this post] (Number of bars available).