GarageBand, Logic Pro, what for midi exports?

I use garageband because it is on my mac. When I export a midi, the files seem to change randomly to other instruments in garageband. Is this normal? Do you recommend another program, like logic pro? Will that work better?

Hi @DianeAoki, the instruments that GarageBand chooses for its tracks will not necessarily have any correlation to the tracks in Hookpad (every DAW has a different ordering for tracks, so there is no way to make the instruments consistent across all DAWs). What Hookpad users typically do is set up a GarageBand project with empty tracks that are placeholders for the Hookpad midi files. So, say your Hookpad project has 1 lead, 2 harmony tracks, 1 bass track, and 1 drum track. You would create a GarageBand template with 5 tracks, and pick instruments that are similar to the ones you had in Hookpad (or not, if you want to experiment with different sounds). The important thing is to arrange the instrument tracks in the same order as they appear in the mix tool. Then if you drag your Hookpad midi files into GarageBand all of the instruments will line up.