Frequent crashes and freezes on Safari

Hookpad frequently crashes or stalls on Safari. It’s difficult to reproduce, but it usually happens when selecting a different voice via the note staff or the band panel. When the active voice changes, the entire page becomes white, and playback usually stops, but not always. This bug seems to occur more frequently as the file grows in complexity (more voices, band changes, key changes, etc.).

I don’t know what your backlog looks like or what percentage of users are on Safari, but if this is a problem with all versions of Safari, I would prioritize it highly because it happens almost every time I use Hookpad.

Tech specs if it’s helpful:

  • Safari v15.0 (17612.1.29.5)
  • macOS Monterey 12.0
  • MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021)
  • Chip: Apple M1 Pro
  • Memory: 16GB