Flashing when interacting with Hookpad

There are quire a few instances when the Flash window for Hookpad briefly flashes white when interacting with it:

  • When clicking on the note/chord area
  • Adding/removing notes (but not rests)
  • Making a note a higher/lower octave than default
  • Exiting the Mixer window
  • Adding/removing a Youtube video
  • Click-dragging to a note/chord’s length
  • Toggling the “Stable” button
  • Adding/removing an instrument
  • Changing time signatures
  • Adding lines
  • Cancelling the “Open” window

All of these seem to come from the fact that when you do one of the above (on a 1440x900 screen, anyway), the scroll bar on the right-hand side shows up. This underlying issue could be that the Flash player, when the scroll bar appears, automatically resizes, causing the brief white flash.

Windows 10, Google Chrome, on a 1440x900 monitor.