Flag TheoryTabs that require attention

If there’s a TheoryTab that’s incomplete or wrong but you’re not quite sure how it should go, or if there’s a disagreement between two contributors about how it should go, then it would be great to be able to flag the TheoryTab as requiring attention. The flagged TheoryTabs would appear on a list, then contributors who would otherwise not have seen these TheoryTabs can correct them.

As an extra, in the case of a disagreement between two contributors about which version is correct, it would be great if other contributors could vote for the version that they think is correct in order to come to a consensus.

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This is actually a good idea because then I can finally have people edit and correct the theorytabs that I’ve been begging people to edit for so long without having to rely on ridiculous methods

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Ok this would be especially useful with what’s happening to me right now

@Ryan @dave @chris

Please consider this for a future update.

Yes we completely agree