[Fixed] When typing lyrics, Hookpad doesn't stop responding to keyboard shortcuts

This came in via email from a user named Jeff and I want to make sure it shows up here

When i go to type the lyrics into the lyric box, it doesn’t stop responding to keyboard shortcuts, or at least some of them. after typing in half a line, I end up in an uncancellable modal dialog for opening something from the library.

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jeff here - the problem seems to be specific to the “o” character - it opens the “open” dialog even when I’m in lyrics mode. Everything else seems to work fine.


Thanks for the note. We are aware of this bug and will push a fix to it shortly.

man i hope so, i’ve lost a ton of work already in a couple days of using the product.

@messyah, thank you, again, for pointing this out. This bug has been fixed as shown in the Hookpad changelog