[Fixed] Public view mode not loading YouTube video

When attempting to view any tab in public viewing mode, the YouTube viewing mode buffers indefinitely and fails to load the video. Is this a server-side issue? YouTube videos work fine on the database and in editing mode.

@Threxx, are you still experiencing this? We switched to a different YouTube API a couple days ago but as far as I can tell everything is working correctly. Not a server-side issue. We have tested on FF, Chrome, Safari on OS X and Windows without any issues.

Still happening. Tested on two different networks, between two different OS’s and browsers. All have the same issue. Also tried signing in and signing out.

Still occurring. Considering how much I’ve tested this, across all different environments, and the fact that YouTube videos still work when editing tabs and on the TheoryTab database, I do not think it is a network issue on my end.

Further edit: Can confirm that I am not the only person experiencing this issue. Definitely something on your end.

@Threxx, you are right; I misread your first post and thought you meant that YouTubes were hanging in the Theorytab area. Now I see that you are referring to the “view” page within Hookpad. I will fix this first thing in the morning tomorrow. Thank you for testing and your persistence.

@Threxx, this is now fixed.