[Fixed] Hookpad not letting me edit tab on database

Every time i attempt to edit the Pre-Chorus/Chorus section of this tab, the software acts like I am attempting to fork it. Many of the chords are incorrect so I would like to correct it ASAP. Is this another issue with the site or am I doing something wrong? (I hit Edit under the menu as one did on the previous layout.)

EDIT: Have confirmed this occurs on all tabs I attempt to edit.

I’m having the same issue. I assume it’s a bug, it acts like you are just opening the tab in hookpad, instead of edit mode.

@adrie and @Threxx thank you for posting this. Fixed.

@ardie, @Threxx, actually the fix I pushed yesterday was only partial. This morning, another user reported having trouble editing a Theorytab and I found another bug that has been fixed

Not sure if related, but over the past couple of days, various Theorytab edits have been getting saved under http://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/james-blunt/youre-beautiful - “verse” section (note the lowercase “V”).

@atlight, Yes it was related. I pushed a fix for this several hours ago. Is this still happening for you? I tested an edit after pushing the fix to production and everything worked as expected. (Thank you, BTW, for reporting. Much appreciated)

@chris I’m not sure how to tell whether it is still happening. It happened seemingly at random to me and then to another user.

If any subsequent theorytab edits don’t work properly, post back here and I will keep working on it. Cheers and thank you, again, for reporting the bug.

I am currently having this issue too. I tried making a new account to see if that worked, opening different tabs, and reloading hookpad, but nothing happend. Everything I open off the database can be opened in hookpad, just not edited within the database.

I realize this issue has been fixed, so maybe I’m doing something wrong?