Five-note Chords

I would like for there to be an easier to to incorporate chords with 5+ notes into TheoryTab transcriptions, such as full major 9ths, full minor 9ths, and minor 7th slash chords with different bass notes (e.g. bm7/E). Some full major 9ths and minor 7th slash chords are achievable via convoluted chord manipulation in the Chord Properties menu, but I have found no way to create a full minor 9th. I don’t know exactly how the software works and what changes are possible (perhaps a way to change the bass note independent of the rest of the chord?) but this is an issue that has been bugging me when transcribing more complex songs.

9th chords can be achieved by selecting type = 9 in the chord properties drawer. If you would like Hookpad to play all of the tones in the ninth chords instead of using a 3-note RH voicing, you can select an instrument like Piano Full Chords from the band menu.

Theorytabs (unlike Hookpad projects) are designed to be analyses rather than transcriptions, and so we have a standardized chord voicing across all tabs, which is a 3-note RH voicing, meaning that only the root, third, seventh, and ninth of a 9th chord will sound.

Bm7/E can be spelled as Em11, so in the key of B Minor that would be a iv11, or in the key of E Minor that would be i11

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