Filtering query by Genre

I was wondering if there is a way to filter query results by genre. This would allow us to analyze the differences in chord frequency and progression across genres. I figured that Hooktheory already has the functionality to sort by genre since you can filter songs by genre on the theorytab webpage…why not add it to the API?


hi guys,
great job! as i said in the goodreads review, “one day i bought hooktheory I; the next day i bought hooktheory II”.
i wanted to ask something along the lines of the previous post: wouldn’t it be great if we could have further filters to the output of the theorytabs progressions? the genre, as josh said, but also the year. this would help us track progressions which were “introduced” by certain songwriters.

yeah we actually have this data and were planning an article with graphics exploring chord progressions through time! We’ve gotten a side tracked working on mobile version of Hookpad 2 and also wanted to wait for database to grow more to make analysis more interesting, but it is definitely something we plan on doing at some point.