Feedback: Workable area in HP2 is very small

Recently Hookpad 2 has been updated to allow uploading to the TheoryTab database (finally). Up until then, we’ve been using the Hookpad 1 (Flash-based) editor to submit.

However, after spending some time with HP2 after using exclusively using HP1, I’ve notice that the workable area in HP2 is much, much smaller than in HP1.

I made a similar point about almost 2 years ago in this Hookpad 2 Feedback Thread when I was using a laptop with a much smaller screen (1366x786).

On a 1920x1080 screen, HP2 looks like this, with its working area boxed in red:

HP1 looks like this, with its working area also boxed in red:

HP1 has a much larger area to view the tab from, as well as select, drag, etc. HP2’s layout currently has too much space that I don’t need to look at. In addition, the smaller view port makes it more difficult to select the tab notes and move them. The control bar and the sidebar both limit this, and I’m wishing I could make them smaller.

I could zoom the browser window out, but this makes the text less readable and more straining to read (screenshot at 80% zoom):

Hey can you clarify what you mean. The screen shot seems to show two full lines are editable in HP2 vs less than a line in HP1 (or maybe I’m missing something).

This is what I mean:

I don’t look at the header often, so frequently with HP1 I just have the 2 lines on screen, in full view, at a relatively large size. In HP2, yes, I can have 2 lines at once, but they’re relatively small compared to HP1.

I see, it sounds like you like to have the ability to hide/show the guis

It would help the problem, yes. But, it wouldn’t address the large blank space to the right of the chord palette.

if the palettes were hideable could you just use the zoom horizontal button or increase the number of measures it shows per line? Trying to see where the white space would be then.


It’s not about the number of measures per line, that can be fixed with zoom as you said.

I mean the whitespace here that is only used when Magic, Popular, Search, Progressions, and Bass Sets are on:

The chord properties side panel does not change the selections in those 5 when they are on, and so the whitespace could be filled with the chord options when the 5 are off, perhaps.

True, but the chord inspector/properties panel still affect the selection in the score and also allow modifying the main chord button properties.

One possible solution would be a setting that allowed users to place the contents of the gray side panel into the top context panel. For chords, it would probably go to the right of the primary chord buttons, before the new magic/popular/search panel buttons, as shown below. On wide screens, this I think is totally reasonable. Heck, we could even have it automatically go up there once the viewport is 1400px or 1500px. Thoughts?

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Sounds good. I’d imagine users with ultrawide monitors (21:9, for example) would appreciate that.

@bigyihsuan, 2.12.3 build allows toggling the gray inspector panel on the right. Eventually, may allow putting it up in the chord context GUI but hopefully this helps you.