Exporting song as a numbered progression with melody as intervals

Is it possible to export songs as a a numbered progression and the melody as interval numbers. So if the progression is in C and the chords C,F,G I’d love to print it out so it says I, IV, V - and if the melody could correspond - so if the melody in the key of C was F,G,F,G if it printed 4,5,4,5 (sorry to over explain just trying to be clear!) . I’ve looked around but cannot figure out it’s possible and would love to know . :))

Thank you!

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Interesting idea! Currently Hookpad does not support this feature, although I think it might be a useful addition. I’ll look into seeing what it would take to implement this in a future release.

Thank you! It would be super useful for learning and hearing things as progressions - both melodies and chords. I’m a teacher (adults) and this would be AMAZING to have but also I’d love that to use this functionality for myself too!

All that said, what you’ve created truly ROCKS - thank you!! :))