Exporting lyrics including number failure

What the heck… I can’t export lead sheet, tab, neither score… if I use even a number in lyrics! I want to include lyrics in this format: text meter| foo, too. I 64 3 comma,now 3,45 (nashville numbers, movable C etc)

The webpage at https://www.hooktheory.com/songs/sheetMusic/song/Me-oepipolaios-chorus/HTID/bqWCWW9o9TTO might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

same errors in chrome, firefox, sheet, tab, score!


Sorry, this is definitely a bug. We pushed a fix to it this morning, so you should now be able to put numbers in your lyrics properly.

Very disappointed. Worked for hours cannot export lead sheet. Keep getting website down …please help!


Can you send your username and the song that is failing to support@hooktheory.com? We’ll take a look to see why it’s not exporting properly.

Rose in my hand


It looks like there was a bug in the Hookpad lyrics export that caused lyrics containing double quotations (") to crash. We fixed this and your song should now export correctly. Sorry for the trouble

Thank you very much!