Exporting lead sheets/ 4/8 bars to a system

This might be a product request, idk. How do you control the number of bars to a system when you export. The song looks nice (in eight bar sections) when it is in hookpad, however when I export the first system now has 7 bars, which is awful. It is just a lead sheet, I would like to make the phrases clear and easy to see.


Hi @jeikam

Scores/leadsheets are typeset using Lilypond (lilypond.org), which chooses the number of bars/system automatically based on what it things is the optimal spacing.

One feature that other users just requested is the ability to export the raw lilypond file, which you could then use to further customize you score. This is relatively straightforward for us to do, so we might just implement this.

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Hi Ryan,

Can I also upvote this - it wuld be very useful to be able to edit lead sheets.


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Another vote for this in 2022!