Exporting Complete Midi Song

Is there a way to export a complete midi tab? I can only export in sections…eg. vs., chorus, etc.


now that i read your question, i’m wondering the same salads… if you found an answer please update. thanks

I think HookTheory is DEAD. No response from the guys for 2 emails after over a week.

@ahendriks, I’m sorry we missed your emails, I can’t find any in our support inbox.

Hookpad allows you to export any part of your Hookpad project to midi, including analyses that are copied over from Theorytab. If you’re asking if there are Theorytabs that represent an entire song rather than its sections, the answer is no. We separate out analyses into sections for clarity and readability, and to align with the spirit of a music theory analysis, which we believe should be a snapshot of the key harmonic and melodic ideas of a song rather than a transcription.

@Ryan Actually there are some such as:


(Note: I didn’t actually check if it’s the whole song I just looked at how long it was and assumed that it’s the whole song in one section)

He probably just didn’t read the contributor guide

@Ryan and you also have songs that are so short that they’re better as being all in one section, e.g.: