Exported tabs & leads missing lyrics

I have all my lyrics on lead 1 notes. They are all visible and flow through the song on the correct notes in the Hookpad.

When I export a tab or lead sheet, the lyrics are there for verse one. There are no lyrics or lead one notes in the pre-chorus and chorus. Verse two has the pre-chorus and chorus lyrics.

Somehow, during export, it’s like there’s a long rest covering those two sections pushing everything forward.

Hey @MaxCanon, can you send a copy (save to disk) of the song to support@hooktheory.com (or just the name of the song will do too), we can take a look and see what the problem is.

Hi, I emailed the the file and song name. Just want to make sure you got them. I understand you’re busy and there will be delays getting to all the requests you must get.

@MaxCanon I’m sorry for the late reply, we did receive your song and I’m looking through it now

@MaxCanon thanks for your email and your patience with this. I believe we have identified the bug, and we will push a fix to this shortly to the site. I also emailed you a copy of the export using the new code in case you’d like to verify it.

This issue was fixed in 2.19.3, live on the website now