Exported midfile sounds nothing like in hookpad

I thought of sending a hookpad song layout as midifile to a friend (also producer). Midifiles are compatible to any types of DAW´s. But i noticed that when i play back an exported midifile it does nothing sound like my hookpad song. So when playing the file in a Standard Midi File Player it is barely recognizable.

Why not include (optionally) program changes to the closest GM-Sound Standard available and the tempo of the song in the exported midifile? I can´t imagine this would be hard to do.

Thanks, Alex

one quick tip (i use all the time) is export the audio as a WAV file as well as MIDI for reference in re-creation in a DAW. also (sometimes) mute each instrument track and export as individual tracks (the audio) so i have a whole set of independent audio tracks. this latter one is time consuming but if there is a unique sound from hookpad, and want to keep it, then i have it. most times all the rest of the instrumentation is fairly straightforward to replace with just the MIDI.

it would be nice to have a soundfont for all of the hookpad instruments, but that may also be an issue if there were any licensing needed for the source content etc. so in the meantime i just export one track at a time if i need a specific sound. then just import the MIDI into my DAW (Cakewalk) and add the instruments and tracks there.

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Actually we’re working on exporting GM program changes right now. I think this should be available with one of the next updates.

Creating a sound font is a good idea, I often thought about that. It’s a bit tricky as I would like it to sound as close to the original and there are some things like automatic key switches and volumes etc. which are hard to get into the midi so this would definitely take some time. But I like the idea to transfer the Hookpad project into a DAW and being able to keep on working there without having to tweak to much volumes and instruments.

sounds good! another thing then to consider longer term - a DAW VST plugin :slight_smile: akin to the Band-in-a-Box DAW plugin - not so cluttered though :wink:

Dennis, you may start with including the hookpad tempo in the midifile. At the moment every file exported has 120 BPM. Comparisions with Band in the box are legitimate as both programs have a similar approach and it may be a source of future suggestions. Since i got more familiar with hookpad i use BIAB less.

Thanks everone contributing

Yes, we had the Tempo working once. I’m not sure when we lost that. We’re going to make sure to have that working for the next update as well.

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