Export to WAV - extra bar at the end of the loop

Every time I export a track/selection to a WAV file (loop), it adds an extra bar at the end???

Hey Edwardo,

yes, that’s right. This prevents any sustaining notes and reverb from being cut off at the end. We also add an extra silent quarter note at the start as some instruments have slower attacks and need to start a bit before the beat.
To cut a proper loop, just import your exported file into a DAW, match the tempo to the tempo of your Hookpad project and cut away the first quarter note and the last bar. Maybe you should also set some fades of a few milliseconds at the start and the end to avoid any clicking sounds.



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Thanks for the reply, Dennis - makes sense, and the workaround works fine.
Thanks again - loving the useability and features of HookPad :slight_smile: