Export to raw LilyPond?


From what I understand, Hookpad uses LilyPond when exporting to score, tab, and lead sheet. Would it be possible to export the raw LilyPond code for each of these (lead sheet is probably most useful)?

I use LilyPond myself to create specially formatted one sheets, and it would save a lot of time to just cut and paste the relevant parts of the LilyPond code instead of transcribing it all by hand. I understand that this would likely be a seldom used niche feature, but since you’re already generating the code, I thought it might be possible to add in an out-of-the-way menu item.


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Sure, that would be easy to do. Thanks for your input

For now we can add a setting that allows you additionally download the lilypond source .ly file when exporting score, lead sheet, or tab. We’ll push this with the next minor release of Hookpad

Awesome, thanks! Great to see how responsive you guys are.