Export to MUSX (Finale) or .SIBELIUS file formats

So here’s my thing. I don’t normally use notation software. I bought an edition of Finale like four years ago because it was only like $50 or something, but I don’t have enough time to devote to learning how to use it.

The Hookpad, on the other hand, is really great, and seems pretty intuitive to use. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to export my Hookpad projects into Finale so that I can make sure my sheet music looks more legit… that it’s got my name, copyright info, the tempo markings, etc. … is there a way to do this? I paid for a year’s worth of Hookpad because I figured it would be an easier way for me to make sheet music of my own compositions (and to teach others how to play them). So far, that seems like not quite the best investment.

On the other hand, the Hookpad might be a great way to assist in the composition of new songs, but that’s for another post. :slight_smile:

@GNatural, currently Hookpad does not support exporting into score writing formats directly, however you can export MIDI and import that into Finale. The MIDI file will import each Hookpad mix track onto a different line in your score. You can then edit the result in Finale to add the annotations as you’ve mentioned.

Yeah, I considered that option, but it means I’d have to re-enter all the text again. I like the way Hookpad automatically assigns syllables to notes, and doing it in Finale is so much more work.

ah well.