Export Score - extra blank bar

This simple song:

will create an exported score with an extra blank measure.

The bottom of the .ly source has “undefined” which I think is causing the problem!

\new Staff \with {
  instrumentName = \markup{ \smaller "Strings Whole Main " } 
 shortInstrumentName = \markup{"St. Wh. Ma. " } 
} { 
{\set Staff.extraNatural = ##f \override Lyrics.LyricSpace #'minimum-distance = #1.0 \clef treble  \key c \major  \time 4/4 << e'1 g'1 c''1 >>  << f'1 a'1 c''1 >>  << e'1 g'1 c''1 >>  << g'1 b'1 d''1 >>  << e'1 g'1 c''1 >>  



\version "2.18.2"```

thanks for the detective work, yeah not sure what that “undefined” is, but that definitely shouldn’t be there! Will take a look

For some reason can’t reproduce the bug you’re seeing, can you “save to disk” and post or DM the file for this song?

Sure I’ll DM it to you.

Got it thanks! We found the problem and will have it fixed in the next minor release of Hookpad.

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