Export not working right...?

When I try to export either a guitar tab or a score from my We Belong tab, it doesnt work… I click both icons, and nothing happens. I thought it might be a browser problem, but its doing it both with Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Any ideas?

If you’ve got lyrics turned on - try turning them off and see if it works then…

@GNatural, we identified a bug where tab and score export was not working on project that did not have chords (melody only). This was fixed an hour ago when we pushed Hookpad 1.8.4 to production. Is this the bug you were experiencing? Can you export this song now?

I tried it again just now and it still wouldn’t work. The WAV file and MIDI file export seem to be working, but I couldn’t get either the Lead Sheet, the Tab, or the Score option to export. I tried it in both Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge browser just to make sure it wasn’t an issue with the pop-ups being auto-closed.

also, it’s a really wordy song, and that’s part of the reason why I want the lead sheet, would be so people could read the score and sing along. So turning off the lyrics doesn’t seem like it’s going to help me much.

Also, how would I even do that?

I have a song that exports fine if I delete the lyrics, but gives me an “internal server error” when I try to export as a Lead Sheet. Please help!