Export MP3 and WAV Both Not Working

I got a track to export via mp3 my first day after subscribing. After that, the file exported is very short/small and plays no sound. Trying to play it in multiple different players doesn’t change the result nor does importing it in other programs (DAWs, etc.)

I do enjoy it greatly. I hope it’s a minor thing I’m overlooking.

Thank you in advance.

@The_Scrivener, sorry for the trouble here.

One thing that’s important with the export is that you don’t interact with Hookpad (or actually anything else) while the export is occurring. The browser uses a lot of resources to bounce the file, and so this can cause errors with writing the file. Can you see if this helps?

Ryan, thanks for the reply!

It appears it was both that issue as well as trying to sometimes export with arrangements that were too short. I’m having no trouble with exporting now, so long as the composition isn’t so small in size that the browser can download it before hook does its thing.

All set! Thank you again!