Export MIDI to multiple files, one per section

After exporting my MIDI files, I import them into my DAW (FL Studio) to finish production.

This workflow works wonderfully, except for one thing: the MIDIs are are imported all into one single FL Studio pattern.

This is not an issue in cases where I don’t want to rearrange the song at all after bringing it into the DAW, but most of the time, I do want to have the sections of the song in individual FL Studio patterns, so that I can rearrange things a bit without having to keep my Hookpad file in sync with all new decisions.

It would be an incredible boon to my workflow if Hookpad could export a zip of midi files, with each midi file representing a “section” I’ve defined inside Hookpad.

My mistake - I see there is a way to do this already, by selecting the section and then going to export. (per Hookpad User Guide )