Export issues on downloading as mp3 or wav

Hello, I am having the experience that when I export an mp3 or wav, it seems to be dependent on however the browser playback is. So when the project gets too big that the browser stutters when playing it back, the stuttering is also recorded to the audio file that gets downloaded…surely there must be a better way to download the audio than a live bounce? Especially wav which is all about quality. There’s also no way to know if its stuttered in the download until the full download is done, and then if you play it back to find its stuttered…gotta do it all again and hope for the best

Also if possible I’d like to be able to download just a looped section of a bigger project without downloading the entire project’s audio.

But when it works it works well, saves me hours in tinkering for the right sounds in reaper, thanks!

Hi, thank you for your feedback, unfortunately at the moment we are restricted to a live bounce although a faster offline bounce with a dynamic speed would be far more effective.

On the other hand bouncing a few selected bars of your music is no problem. Just select a few bars with the boxes above the loop cycle selection, press export and select the type of export you want.