Export all individual instrument stems

The current workaround : currently I manually go through each band section and click on the “solo export” button and select the relevant format.

Why this isn’t ideal : this takes quite a bit of time and a lot of clicks for a project (number of bands * number of instruments in a band * 2 clicks)

The feature / solution : to be able to export all my individual instrument stems in one click similar to the “export all stems” but the next level down in granularity

If there was a

Minor major seventh chord table [Minor major seventh chord - Wikipedia]

Chord Root Minor 3rd Perfect 5th Major 7th
CmM7 C E♭ G B
C♯mM7 C♯ E G♯ B♯ (C)
D♭mM7 D♭ F♭ (E) A♭ C
DmM7 D F A C♯
D♯mM7 D♯ F♯ A♯ Cdouble sharp (D)
E♭mM7 E♭ G♭ B♭ D
EmM7 E G B D♯
FmM7 F A♭ C E
F♯mM7 F♯ A C♯ E♯ (F)
G♭mM7 G♭ Bdouble flat (A) D♭ F
GmM7 G B♭ D F♯
G♯mM7 G♯ B D♯ Fdouble sharp (G)
A♭mM7 A♭ C♭ (B) E♭ G
AmM7 A C E G♯
A♯mM7 A♯ C♯ E♯ (F) Gdouble sharp (A)
B♭mM7 B♭ D♭ F A
BmM7 B D F♯ A♯

worst case you have the add the major 7th via a melody note

Hi and thank you for your suggestion. I think there are some technical restrictions why we’re not already doing that. In an ideal world you would probably like to put all instruments, that have an equal sound but are in different bands, on the same track/stem But that’s really hard to achieve the way our instruments/bands are working. Right now a song with multiple medium stocked bands would produce an unbearable amount of exported tracks.

But I can totally understand why you would want to export everything and not just groups so we will think of a great solution.