Excessive spam in the database

The user 75034_user9 is flooding the database with spam tabs.

Looks like these are procedurally generated. The last one is at 18446744073709600000 BPM which is pretty interesting.

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Look at the comments on each on of the tabs, they are so nonsensical its funny. I think its a bot that gets fed every single word on the site and spits out what it hears


What the fuck man, this is comedy gold :joy: :joy: :joy:
I didn’t even bother to check the comments because I didn’t think it would have any. This sounds like it was generated by a really bad AI haha

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@Quentin136 you’re famous! :joy:


one thing intresting is every single message ends with “user9”

holy shit they uploaded like 20 more to the database

Between all the trolls and now the bots, this website is becoming nearly unusable.

We have suggested moderation so many times and we get no response. The support team say they cannot even IP ban…


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Are you doing it again, Quentin?

Update your comment list before they all get deleted!!1

@DSchwachhofer can you deal with this bot account. username is “75034_user9”

It’s not one account. They’re creating a new account for every tab. Look at the exact user names.

that is the artist name. You scroll down to see the contributor

Oh shit, you’re right. All of these weird names got me confused.

i think the alabama tabs they are talking about is this one: Alabama Nigger by Johnny Rebel Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory

Yeah, definitely. There’s been a lot of talk about the Johnny Rebel songs on the forum and it’s really funny how the AI picks up on it.

Alabama Johnny Rebel has not been removed! Are the moderators here incompetent?

I don’t think anyone actually ever said that though, which makes it even funnier.