Example tabs in Hooktheory II not playing. None of them

The text is fine, the tabs show up, but whenever I click the ‘play’ button, it just does nothing. When I try to download them, I get an error message that says “file forbidden” or some crap. Please help solve this, I feel like I’ve been ripped off. Why include the tabs if I can’t even play them?

@Joe7155 can you send me a link to the page you are having trouble with?

It’s just Hooktheory II. Every page. There are example tabs that are supposed to be playable, but they just end up not working. Hitting play does nothing.

Hey Joe,
what browser and os are you on? The examples are just videos so not sure why they wouldn’t be able to play for you.

It’s just google chrome. I use a chromebook if that helps

Hmm very strange. Do the examples look like videos and when you click the play button they just don’t download or is there some sort of error?


This issue is still present in Hooktheory II. Opening one of the videos directly reveals the issue - Amazon AWS is returning an Access Denied error. Here’s an example.

Any chance of a fix for this?

It would be an issue to link directly to the movie file. But I don’t think it would be a problem in the page itself. Can you send a link to the page in the book (or refer to the chapter/section/example that is causing problems? I’m assuming it’s not all of then right?


This issue is still present and affects every page in Hooktheory II that I’ve checked.

@fraxil linking directly to a movie won’t work by design. It has to be embedded in a page of the book and you need to be logged in to an account that has purchased it.

I think the previous poster had a different issue that was causing the videos not to play for some other reason. Perhaps due to a browser that doesn’t support the video encoding format. Are you having the same issue or were you just interested in linking to a video directly?