Exactly how large is this database?

I would love to be able to know how many tabs are on the site at any moment, maybe via a statistics page of some sort, or even just a few numbers on theorytab/community off to the side. Otherwise, there isn’t really a solid way of knowing how much we have all transcribed.

Another question: How often is the trends database updated? It seems the newer tabs (past 4 months or so) do not show up in the results.


Showing some statistics on the database is a good idea. I’ll see what we can get added.

Trends is updated once per week. I will look into why the new tabs aren’t showing up right now. It appears there is currently an issue.


I believe the Trends database has not updated once for over two months, otherwise there should be nothing in here since November.

@HertzDevil, @Xombifier The trends database should now be back to its weekly update rotation. There was a backend database change that caused our crawler to break silently. Thanks for pointing this out.

We are still planning on adding some statistics to the database. Look for an update soon. I just checked though and there are now over 7000 unique sections analyzed. Really cool.



Good deal, thanks for fixing that.

Very nice. How many unique songs are there in the database?

@HertzDevil, here is a preview of our new search field input (to be released shortly). A huge thank you to everyone that has contributed to the theory tab collection.