Even more suggestions :-)

I don’t want to make the other thread too messy so here are some other ideas that I had :slight_smile:

  • You should add a little “updates” box on the home-screen where you mark the last changes you made on the site, including updates and bug corrections: This makes it easier to test the new changes and it shows people that you are still working on the project !

  • In the other thread, you said that the main purpose of this website is to explain the theory behind popular songs, which I find extremely interesting. The problem is that except for the most obvious progressions ( I - V - VI - IV etc.) it is quite difficult for our poor human brains to really make sense out of the chord progressions (a good example is the chorus of Queen’s Bohemian rhapsody: the only thing I can think of when i see that is “??What the hell??”)

I can see two potential ways to make this better:

1- find a way to automatically detect common progressions and underline them. This shouldn’t be too hard as the algorithm seems to be already there (in the http://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/common-chord-progressions tab)

2- Give the possibility to insert comments or information inside the tabs, to give informations on a particular progression inside a song. I am thinking of something similar to what you can see in soundcloud, except that you give useful information instead of dumb comments :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Also, I think it is a good idea to assign colors to different notes but it is a little weird for chords: wouldn’t it be more clear and helpful to have each color assigned to a chord type (Major/minor tonic, Dominant, Subdominant, etc.) instead of to the root? It is especially confusing for inversions: a I(6⁻4) remains a tonic on the first degree, so it’s weird to see it colored as a V… :slight_smile:

  • Last but not least, you could add some “harmonic tricks” other than V/x, IV/x and borrowed chords. For example, bVII7, minor iv as well as tritone substitutions are often used in Jazzy tunes, and there are currently no ways to show them in the tabs (except by borrowing chords)

Thank you so much for your dedication, your site is easily one of my favorites on the internet !


The change log section is a must.

I agree that comments containing timestamps can facilitate the understanding of more complex chord progressions, but I am afraid there is no big difference between describing them in the comments by notating the numbers of bars, and displaying inline comments while at the same time increasing the vertical span of each row.

There is nothing wrong with being unable to display these “harmonic tricks” without borrowing chords; Roman numeral analysis was founded in a common practice era where these techniques were far from often used (except the augmented sixth chords, really), which is why modern chord symbols were invented for use in a wide variety of popular music. There is no need to specifically denote tritone substitutions inside the Theorytab; that is the responsibility of the comments.

@ldorigo , thanks again for all your feedback! It’s really good to hear from you all, and your comments and suggestions are extremely valuable to us as we improve the site.

An updates box on the homepage is a great idea.

I’m hoping you’ll elaborate on your second point. You are correct about our ability to locate specific chord progressions within tabs. For instance, you can effectively search the database by chord progression from the “Trends” page, and when results come up, we highlight the matching chord progression. How would you envision this working within the TheoryTab page?