Error when opening lyrics

Are you seriously updating the app in the middle of the day??!! I’m in a desperate dash to finish a song that I’m scheduled to perform tonight. I made a bunch of changes, and I clicked to change the lyrics. You obviously made some kind of update, because now there are separated lines of lyrics with numbers. But it also bumps down the screen, so I couldn’t reach the save button, and there’s no way to scroll up. I lost all of my edits. Now I might not be ready for my performance. That is why software developers release updates in the middle of the night and check for bugs when they are not going to screw up their users’ work. Please don’t do this again.

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Please roll back the update, test it, and then release it when it’s not bugging. I can’t add lyrics. It removes the save button on Firefox.

Hey Robbie, I’m sorry for your troubles.

What exactly do you mean by “it removes the save button”? Could you please provide a screenshot?

In general the best browser to use Hookpad with is Chrome. So if you are in a hurry to finish your project, please check if you got the same problems on Chrome, too. If not perhaps you can use Chrome until we find a fix for your problems with Firefox.



This is happening to me too-- toggling the Lyrics sidebar off and on will make the entire navbar scroll off the top of the browser, like so.

It doesn’t happen with a blank song, but if I open any song with lyrics that’s longer than 1 screen’s worth of measures, it happens. (I was able to reproduce it with the demo song Giant’s Dance.) I’m using Vivaldi, which is Chromium-based, and it happens on Edge too.

I hope this gets prioritized, as it makes the software unusable for me too!

Copy/pasting into the Lyrics sidebar will trigger this, too.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll start fixing it right away.

i have similar experiences with the lyric window, how it drags down the window and i cant access the tool bars above.

BUT i see what hookpad did for the lyric window, and thank you. when its up and running it will be another amazing feature. im a big fan of the service. i use it all the time and it sent my songwriting into hyperdrive. ill never write music without it.
screenshot of the “bug” when i activate the lyric window.

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Thank you for your kind words. I have already found a solution for this problem. It should be pushed soon.

The problem is still there with Firefox. I just lost a bunch of work again. I thought it was fixed.

And now, when I open the song in Chrome, it is only showing the first three syllables of the lyrics.

And now, the same thing is happening in Chrome. I can’t change the lyrics without losing everything. Exactly like the screen shot from BaconTomato above shows. The save button disappears. The play button disappears. The YouTube stuff on the bottom just appears out of nowhere. I did not click on anything related to the YouTube functionality. I’m suspecting BaconTomatoe didn’t, either.

I’m sorry. I can’t replicate the lost save buttons anymore. Are you using the latest version of Hookpad? (2.28.4)

However I was able to fix the lost words in your song “Becky”. The problem was that some of your words like don’t etc. had curly apostrophes which confused the algorithm which puts the lyrics onto the melody.
A fix will be pushed with the next version of Hookpad. Until then you can just swap the curly apostrophes with straight ones and everything should be back to normal.