Error 500 on theorytab submission

Any file I try to submit gets an error 500 when I fill out the info and click submit. Tested on multiple devices. If you’d like a test file in my account, try the file “sacrifice” by liltommyj.


I created a second account and the problem persists. Did my IP mistakenly get flagged somehow?

It’s a recurring problem (But it does go away sometimes and then comes back)


Sad! But at least now I know I’m not alone. Thanks.

yeah this is still a problem. I even tried buying a month of paid hookpad on my second account and I still couldn’t submit anything! 500 every time! I’d love to use this site but I havent been able to

Have you tried writing an email to I’m sure there’s something they can do about this.

try to see if the YouTube link contains trailing data after the URL, if yes delete it.

Check if the video URL is the full URL. I had this problem before and doing this fixed everything. Copy the video URL instead of right-clicking the video and clicking “copy URL”.