Engrave with Ukulele Tabs instead of Guitar Tabs

I’ve upgraded to Plus and its great being able to engrave music.
Would it be possible to have an option to output Ukulele tabs not guitar?
I see you’re using Lilypond to do the engraving and I think this might be an easy change to make if all you need to do is send a different parameter to Lilypond so it uses a different Tab graphics set?
Many thanks Ben

PS: According to http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.18/Documentation/notation/common-notation-for-fretted-strings#predefined-fret-diagrams:

Fret diagrams for the ukulele are contained in the file

\include "predefined-ukulele-fretboards.ly"

myChords = \chordmode { a1 a:m a:aug }

\new ChordNames {

\new FretBoards {
  \set Staff.stringTunings = #ukulele-tuning

Thanks for the suggestion and the lilypond code! Looking into this. As you say the lilypond part should be easy.


It’s a great idea to have the option for Ukulele tabs, and you’re correct that it could involve sending a different parameter to Lilypond for a different Tab graphics set, which would make the engraving experience even better; you might also find https://www.ukulele-tabs.com/ helpful for Ukulele tabs.