Eighth note triplet

How to insert an eighth note triplet ?
Thanks, Gérard

Create a quarter note, select it, and then click the button that says “Make Triplet”.


i had posted something like this but realized its in the “feature request” topic so i think the OP may be asking for 8th note triplet which is smaller than a quarter note into a triplet… :slight_smile:

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Three eighth note triplets have the same duration as two regular eighth notes. In other words - splitting a quarter note into three equal parts results in eighth note triplets, not quarter note triplets.

ok i interpreted it as splitting an 8th note into triplets…

I made myself understood badly. How to insert a sixteenth note triplet into an eighth note ?
Thanks, Gérard

Regular 16th notes are the smallest note value intended by the developers. It is possible to create smaller note values by exploiting software glitches, but these glitched notes are a pain to work with, so my advice would be to double the project’s BPM and use 8th note triplets.

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