Editing a TheoryTab with multiple voices as a non-Hookpad owner removes all voices except 1

example 1: https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/history/caravan-palace/aftermath/verse

version 1 was created by bigyihsuan (who I assume has purchased Hookpad), and version 2 was created by me where I just fixed timing of the notes. submitting these changes gets rid of all the voices that were once there and leaves only voice 1.

example 2: https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/history/mariya-takeuchi/plastic-love/outro
versions 1-3 were created by bigyihsuan again, and version 4 was created by sylrs (who I assume hasn’t purchased Hookpad). 3 voices were present in the first 3 versions, but are not present in any version after.

i know the whole point is to lock the feature out to only those who’ve purchased the software, but i feel as if this system could be improved upon by allowing those without hookpad to only use multiple voices in theorytabs where they already exist, so as not to impede on the work of someone who’s paid for it

This isn’t a bug, in fact the actual bug is being able to have polyphony on theorytabs

though i also think they should add it back since if a song has more than one melodic line then students can see all melodic lines

especially useful for fugues

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