Editable bass notes / clef / line

This request came in via email and I want to post it here to make sure other users have a chance to see it

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There should be a more intuitive way for specifying the bass of an inverted chord or a slash chord; if the bass clef in Hookpad becomes harmonically independent from the chords, it might be possible to use chords like F/G or G♯m/C without using any special notation, so that the Roman numerals can simply omit the pedal bass. But if the bass track becomes also rhythmically independent from the chord, it would be difficult to specify any specific inversion using only the chord track, since the bass below each chord is not necessarily known and a single chord might split into two or more if the bass can move within one chord.

As I mentioned before, Hookpad is still heavily inspired by four-part voice leading, so four-note chords like Dm7 are really stored as F/D, Dm7no3/F, Dm7no5/A, and Dm/C, which make huge differences in interpretation depending on whether the bass is edited or added. I assume implementing an editable bass clef would require complete rewriting of the editor and the database format.

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I would love to be able to write chords that way…C/G and so forth!