Edit Options Not Working!?

While editing my post I went to apply some formatting, but Bold, Italics and Fonts did not work.

Uploading images was okay!

I have not tried the remaining options.

Did you click into the actual text box on the right, instead of the title box?


I had noticed I had made an error in one of my last post and I wanted to add some Bold to a word.

I was working in the text box on the left. It showed the format place marks in the preview box to the right, but not the formatting… Hope that makes sense!?

The left box is not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). You can see all of the formatting on the left, and the final result on the right.

If you want to actually show the markings, you have to use a back slash (\) in order to escape the formatting.

Hi again…

I was working on the left side and it was in the Preview (WYSIWYG) Window… where I should have seen the final result post editing, but it was showing the formatting editing marks only.

Not a major problem.

Thank you for your input.