Duration issues

Not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request…

When you make notes or chords, the duration doesn’t add up properly

If you set a chord to be two measures long in 4/4, the duration stops at 7.75. Eight would be a bit more useful :slight_smile:

hmmmm 4+2+1+0.5+0.25 == 7.75 :slight_smile: so we’re stuck as this is note durations, not measure duration (which we know from the example is two 4 beat measures totaling 8). so you’d have to add a second 1/4 note to get to 8… and there is no option to add 2x 1/4 notes in the note duration selections.

maybe a feature request to have a variable note duration (just above the “Add +”) which is equal to the number of beats selected, when it exceeds the maximum number of durations for the meter, would be handy? e.g. select/extend a chord over 10 beats, you would see an entry for 10, select a chord with 13, you would see 13, etc etc

Most times, it isn’t an issue. The behavior of just making it the length of the last note or chord entered is fine. Music follows patterns.

For me, going to multi-measure long chords is just a hack to make up for the lack of shorter duration notes. When I take it into MuseScore, I can just copy and paste it as half duration.

At most, it is just a minor annoyance. It works properly at all the other available meters except 2/4 and 4/4.

agreed but it did get me thinking about times when i’d like a note (or chords) to persist across measures and not re-trigger.

So basically what you would want to happen is that the duration for longer notes is displayed correctly and that the next entered note has exact the same length and not 7.75.

I agree, this behaviour would make much more sense.

@fossile Creating long notes which don’t re-trigger is no problem. Just use your mouse to drag the note to the correct length and use a patch which doesn’t re-trigger after one bar. That’s all melody instruments, all bass instruments with “Sustain” Patch and most of our Harmony Instruments which don’t play an arpeggiator or anything rhythmic. I think the only instruments which will re-trigger are the guitars.

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Correct. That is how it behaves for all meters except 2/4 and 4/4.

I believe that there is just an order issue between when you fill the duration bars and set the length of past note or chord. It is stomping on the variable that is setting duration. If you set the variable for the previous duration first, then fill the bars to match with a temporary copy with a limited scope it should be fine for all meters even if you add odd ones in the future.

Just a tip, instead of calculating the duration, take advantage of the durations being binary progression and do an AND for each bit to set highlight the bars used. Least significant bit will be the shortest duration, next bit is double that, etc. That would also be a gateway to adding different durations. That would allow you to internally count the durations down to say a 64th or 128th note as the base representation and then just present it as whatever you wish to be available.

good enough on the melody sustain (not sure why i didn’t notice that although i generally don’t sustain across bars often, even on long string parts) (although the electric guitar sustain re-triggers whereas the single note sustains all the way)