Doo Smart does not export correctly when engraving with certain rhythms


Doo smart when engraving does not seem to be able to handle the rhythm of this song, particularly starting in measure 58, where the lyrics rendered in Hooktheory are correct but the export is wrong.

The exported score is fixed if I change the instrument from Doo Smart to Piano. This does not seem to effect the mp3 export, only the engraved score and lead sheets.

Incorrect with Doo Smart.

Correct with Piano.

This is fixable by exporting lead sheet as piano but it’s not the best solution in my book.

Thank you.

Thanks Emerald for the bug report, we’ll get this fixed!

EDIT: looks like this bug was created last week when I was trying to fix a problem with MIDI export. Sorry about that. Should be able to have this fixed soon

EDIT: This bug has been fixed in 2.19.8

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