Does Logic Pro DAW work easily with Hookpad

I have a Mac Pro Ventura with Logic Pro/Garage Band DAW. Will Hookpad work with it?

Are there special instructions? I am about to puschase and load Hookpad full version
BTW. … Love the Theory Books!


Hookpad will work with your Mac. We recommend to use it with Chrome. As Hookpad is a stand-alone application, it won’t work with Logic, at least not in a conventional way where you open Hookpad as plug-in inside Logic.

However buying the full version of Hookpad will allow you to export midis and wave files of your projects which you can then import into Logic. So it’s kind of a two-step workflow. You write your song in Hookpad with all our tools which will help you with your songwriting. After that if you want you import the song into Logic where you can do a full production including vocals etc.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


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I can confirm that exporting the Midi data to Logic works extremely well. Logic even picks instruments that match up the best to the ones in Hookpad and about 60% of them don’t have to be changed/heavily edited.

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