Does it work in a pc/laptop, standalone?

Hello everyone♫
I am wondering if this app exist for being used offline. Where I live internet/wifi is VERY expensive and the signal is VERY poor. So I am looking for an app which will permit me to create my melodies wihthour be connected in internet, in my laptop, BUT if I get access in my smartPhone to have the chance also to continue with my melodies-ideas under same license.

80% I will use my laptop
20% I will use my smart phone. You answer will be appreciated♪ note: if this funcionlity does not exits wondeing if anyone could recomend an app which have that funcinality. ThAnkS

I have a similar question for the books. I am reading HookTheory I on my laptop. Can I download it to read while I’m traveling? Thanks

We recently turned Hookpad into what is called a Progressive Web App. This means it will work Offline

Check out the link for how to make it work:

The quick story: You can install through Chrome and it will appear in your dock/taskbar and most features don’t require a connection. (the same is true for the online version from within the browser: try turning off wifi and going to if you’ve used the app before online it will load and work as normal)

Some limitations: Instruments do need to be downloaded first with a connection. If you haven’t used them before your system will try to download (and if you don’t have an internet connection at that point you won’t be able to). You also can’t save to cloud obviously and some of the AI Chord tools (Magic Chord) need to call home to query statistics from the Theorytab database to make contextual chord recommendations.

Hope that helps

Regarding books offline use those still require a connection, however there is an app in the app stores that will work on iPads/smartphones that doesn’t require a connection. If you bought the wrong version we have generous refund policy (just send us an email).


Will the PWA/Chrome app continue to work if you guys go out of business? Spending $150 on something ephemeral is iffy.

I have similar doubts. Does anyone know?

This program needs to become either a standalone or a VST, otherwise it won’t be taken seriously, especially at the price point.

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