Do I not "Save Band" feature with a monthly subscription?

I tried out Hook Theory and found it highly fascinating and fun. I signed up for a monthly subscription to see if I liked it well enough to make the one-time purchase. While I was creating a song, I wanted to make a custom band sound but when I click on “Save Band” I get the message in the attached photo. I click the “Refresh Privileges” and nothing happens. I logged out and back in, and still, nothing changes. When I click on “Shop Hookpad”, the monthly subscription is one of the purchase options. All of this is to ask, can I get the “Save Band” feature with the subscription and if so, is there a fix to this error?

it looks like your subscription wasn’t activated correctly (if you aren’t signed in when you buy, we send an email with a link to associate the desired account with the purchase. Sometimes this emails get spammed).

I found your account so I went ahead and activated it for you. Can you try again now?

Thanks and sorry for the confusion